Hytale Server List

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About Hytale

Game origins

Hytale game preview

Hytale is a Minecraft inspired game created by Hypixel Studios.

The development of Hytale started a few years ago by the creators of Hypixel, the most popular Minecraft server not only for its number of players but also for offering the largest number of mini-games.

Although the game is still not available, it has taken a lot of popularity since the official trailer came out, which already has more than 55 million views on YouTube. There is still no official date for its launch but it is estimated that it will arrive in during 2021 according to its creators.

Riot Games, the famous game developer company acquired Hytale Studios, but it will continue to operate as an independent studio with the same leadership team, with Rio as its parent company.

What is Hytale?

Hytale is a sandbox game where players will enter a virtual world full of possibilities. It will mainly have 3 game modes.

Hytale available game modes

Adventure mode will immerse players in a world full of enemies, rewards and a survival environment. The minigame mode offers different types of games to play with other players online and finally, the creative mode to build and customize maps, game objects, model maker, among other features.

Every user will have the ability to create and customize their Hytale server.

The game will be available for PC and macOS, although it is expected that in the future it will be available for other platforms.

Hytale Servers

Hytale multiplayer server lobby

How will Hytale servers work?

Many questions are arising from the community about how servers will work, below we explain what we know about it.

Languages and performance

Hytale's client, which is the program that will run the game on your computer will be based on the C# language.

Otherwise, the client for running Hytale servers will run on Java. Hytale Studios team made this decision for a multitude of reasons. For one, game developers to write high-performance Java and optimize the server code. Furthermore, Hytale community is familiar with Java environment making it easy for server owners to get up and running.

The Server Browser

Hytale players will be able to join online servers and play together.

There will be an official server browser that will allow players to find community servers. It will allow you to sort and filter servers by game and language. Each server will have its own profile, which includes description, tags, banner. Additionally, you will be able to add servers to a favorite list for quick access.

The Hytale server browser

The Hytale server browser will be actively moderated to guarantee a fair and stable server browsing. Server owners will have to comply with lightweight terms of service.

Something important to highlight is that it will not be necessary to add your server on Hytale’s server browser for players to join your server.

Hytale Server Customization

Hytale is being developed so that server owners can create and customize every aspect of the game, from environments and game mechanics to part of the user interface. Therefore, the technology behind Hytale’s servers will be open source.

Servers will be able to run modified versions of the game, within the same game client that is common to every player. When you join a server for the first time, the client will automatically download all the content necessary to play (models, animations, sounds, and everything else).

Hytale join server interface

Playing with friends

Hytale has focused on developing the game in such a way that you can play with your friends as painless as possible. The friend's list will allow you to jump into servers that your friends are currently playing on, and also allows you to connect to their adventure mode worlds.